One bustling morning over a sink FULL of soapy dishes, a vision came to Jendi to create a Sacred Circle to honor and serve mothers. A space to see where we stand as mothers, see where we’ve come from, seed hope for our Self, and witness our Story within. A place to be real, feel safe, and shuck the small talk.

As the vision unfolded, Jendi reached out to kindred spirits Laurel and Emily who shared her passion. Motherhood has pushed each of them to the edges of the human heart. Collectively, they feel deeply called to gather and tend to women on this profound journey.

Together they create MotherhoodRAW, and hair washed - or not - they invite you to join them. Just as you are.

Photography by  Philip Hutcherson

Jendi Watson

Jendi is the Owner and Hakomi Therapist at Nalu Center for Healing. As a student of deep inner work and lover of all raw feelings, she feels honored to lead experiential exercises in Hakomi, ancestral healing meditations and mindfulness practices. She relishes coffee (or wine!) with good friends, campfires, roses, a big bowl of pho and family snuggles. 

Photography by  Philip Hutcherson

Emily Mockett

As an Integrative Nurse, Artist, Nia Practitioner, Mother of Five. Emily with Spirals of Healing believes science is real but so is magic, loves it when plans are cancelled or a friend drops in, gets squirmy when her house is messy or has to speak in public, gratefully dances barefoot, smells the sea and kisses foreheads everyday.

Photography by  Philip Hutcherson

Laurel Marlantes

With a background as a professional actress, Laurel’s got a passion for Story (we’ve all got one, and they’re worth sharing). Creator of Light Ignited, she believes there is power and medicine in women coming together. Trained and certified in a variety of movement and healing arts, she’s a lover of spoken word poetry, beauty, and music with a beat.

We’re all just walking eachother home.
— Ram Dass