Our work is intimate, to keep and honor the sacred container of MotherhoodRAW, we share the following voices anonymously.

MotherhoodRAW is a time to leave behind anxiety and focus on peace and to take good care of myself. I connected with other mothers and returned to myself.

With the unconditional love of other mothers I was able to look deep inside my own heart and ponder what is most important to me as a parent.

MotherhoodRaw connected me to what I already know I should do and turned it into something I actually do. It’s much needed reset.

I tried new things and met inspiring mothers on their own unique journeys, and through it all experienced a sense of familiarity and coming home to myself.

The course stays with you in surprising and powerful ways: ever since participating I hear echoes of the teachers and the other mothers.

What a dynamic and grace-filled trio of facilitators.

We can read about what we need as mothers, but this course is about practicing a variety of nurturing experiences. Each class bridged me over to a practice that I can, and now do, incorporate into my routine.